Thank you so much for making my daughter feel sooo good about herself!! She saw herself differently and she loves it. She was having a few self esteem  problems.  




Kesha, I can't thank you enough for your help on Saturday! I will never forget it. You made me look sooo beautiful and you didn't ask any questions, you just rolled up your sleeves and made things happen in the midst of a little bit of chaos. That and the fact that my bridesmaids were about to crucify someone. LOL! But seriously, thank you so much!




I have recently been able to see a few pictures from the wedding and I am so thankful for your work! You were spectacular! I have been singing your praises and am overjoyed we had the opportunuty to work together. Because of you, I have received loads of compliments. Thanks for making my wedding day and accompying memories, simply beautiful.


~ Mrs. Williams-Duncan


I love it. Thanks. Someone said I was flawless. :)



Hi Kesha!
This is the first chance that  I've had since returning from Fredericksburg for the wedding.   I just wanted to say that I truly loved the work that you did. I have placed you in my rolodex in case I have a need for a make up artist in the future.

Thanks again!

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