About Me

I discovered my passion for makeup by chance. While getting dressed to attend a college party, one of my friends suggested I try this lip-gloss called "Oh Baby" by MAC cosmetics and oh baby I was hooked. That was 16 years ago and my passion still burns for transforming women. BeautyMark has allowed me to see the beauty in ALL women. Be it your eyes, nose, or lips there is some feature that is unique to you and makes you absolutely gorgeous, darling!



One of the biggest compliments people constantly give me is that I have "beautiful skin". I am flattered by this because my goal is to accentuate the natural beauty I possess and I strive to do the same for all of my clients. Whether its' simple elegance or a bold and dramatic look to switch things up, I can make it happen for you. 

They say if you do what you love, then it doesn't feel like work. And I absolutely love what I do!